The Emotional Emergency Tool Kit – PDF

The COVID-19 Quarantine in full effect here, as well as around the world, and a large number of people are now sitting and home and having to deal with some very deep emotional situations. Many of them for the first time ever. From fear of what this quarantine alone means and the fear of addressing factors in their life they have been to busy to ignore, all the way to managing and navigating a household with others who are dealing with mental illness and or abuse, people are now looking for ways to manage these situations.

I started working on this after I had been seeing many posts by people suffering and not knowing what to do as well as others reaching out directly for help. I hope that this is part of the solution you need to help yourself through these trying times for all of us.

What you will find in this post is an Emotional First Aid Kit, a collection of tips, tools and advice that you can add to your own personal toolkit to get through all sorts of situation. These work for everyone however I wrote this initially for those who are working through severe traumas already, prior to the quarantine starting. I highly recommend you work through these tools in order after reading through the document, not everything may pertain to you. Additionally, these don’t have to be done in an emergency, they can be done for fun as something to do to get to know yourself as we are all forced to look with. If you are having any serious struggles please also consider talking to a therapist online, if the need arises. These are psycho-spiritual exercises that have been proven to work both in my life and the lives of others, however they can work with other healing and support systems as well and may in fact be synergistic, for some people.

I also find these exercises to be great for empaths to add to their regular emotional or spiritual routines for clearing, healing and developing their skills.

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