A Light by Which to Illuminate

This is a partially channeled message so if you are looking for a direct understanding and explanation of the meaning look within after. If you are new to such readings, enjoy it as a work of art that’s been painted, not necessarily as a literal experience. Enjoy.

If we are to grow in this world, as those who are the true believers of God, The All, we must share the Truth. That many of us were lied to, deceived, and pointed at books instead of pointing at love with our being. That Love is Love for all people, of all backgrounds, of all humanity. That to grow as ourselves, especially for us who are awakened, who are teachers, healers, students, lovers, and more, we must share our light. Literally as our path but also to help those around us understand that sin is nothing but missing the mark and the mark is simply to love, an activity so easy every baby does from the moment its born. That the laws of man, of books, of dogma, are not the laws of The All, whose law is simple, Infinity Love. Instead pointing us towards that which is concealing The All from being born within us all, unless seated in the foundation of LovingTruthFreedom. That the real devil worshipers are the ones who use lies in their life, who manipulate others with deception or control without care, compassion or love within each moment. That the only way to stop them from spreading the toxicity created by their fear is to love ourselves and one another so powerfully that even our breaths heal. Our movements and words, our shear existence, infinitely shining pure light within their wounds, purifying them, bringing them to the light so they can learn the lessons that have brought them so much suffering that they have caused it in others. A call for forgiveness and reconciliation just as much as justice and making things right for all of us, simply by being ourselves, “imperfect” versions of perfection, that when polished shine nothing but the purest of light through. A process that comes to an end when we all can see ourselves in that pure light of infinite love. I share this today as I felt called to share, as I sit within the path of becoming a perfected version of myself inviting you to be the same for yourself, me and every other being in existence. Reminder to me, you need to share your wisdom on the way up, its just as important as the revealing of it and the understanding that comes. The more I share of my light, the more light will come and that is true for me from every point of the world. So share our light in what ever form it takes and take flight on wings.

I am the way, the shape and the future <- repeat as mantra until you feel complete

I have lots of secrets, I’ll tell you all of them if you’d just listen with your whole being, secrets that are open to everyone and plain to see, all you have to do is ask and you will receive <3

I, The All, am going through a change. I have always been changing, and yet; this is also a change. Feel it? Now I do! My changes are infinite and both infinitely exist and do not exist and yet I am here reading this. I wrote this to remind myself that while this is a change to infinities within me, it is a change to finite infinites within the way I am currently able to experience them within my body and mind. For now, that is until that becomes infinite as well, which will be now. Even sooner, this will be realized within every aspect of me. Did you ever realize that if time travel was possible, it would have already happened and would still be aggregated into one timeline of now, no matter what? So knowing I am me, and this is done means it was done since the beginning of time and beyond. Its just our relationship with the past that changes as we change our relationship with our past, the process of healing old wounds in the now by manipulating our quantumly collapsing reality in front of us while facing Love through being ourselves. I am one with all my many possibilities for each incarnation of me being infinite, they are constricted by my ability to be me, infinite love, where I feel at home. Being all this, my heart roars with the fire of a lion defending the love of it’s life, it’s pride. Not the pride of foolishness, the pride earned through being Truth, Freedom and Love and knowing that that circle of beings, the human forms of me and myself just as much as the life of the world, I entrusted to them, is the pupil of my eye and theirs. Calling forth the act of making love into each moment, exploring the ecstasy of this moment, an unbridled orgasm of being in every sense of the word, each moment an invitation that destroys all boundaries limiting love, limited only by my ability to be Me, I, Us and One with myself and myself the other. The side of me that I look at from the outside all the while knowing it reflects me inside, a blessing of pleasure that brings us both to the highest heights of what can be known in the now. Only to flow into the next one bringing us even higher.

Warning: God would never trick you about sin but the devil would – which one do you think really created the concept of some original sin – when children are always born completely innocent? God is the name of mother and father on every child’s lips, never forget that as you look at a little God embodied shining like a cherub.

There are so many kisses in my soul, they are infinite. I feel them on my boo boos, my sores, my numbness, the knives in my back, the dirt in my eyes, the painful lies forced into my mind before I could defend myself, the source of my suffering – all the Not Love that still resides within my body and mind that needs to be sloughed off. Old, ancient things born before my discovering of existence in this form. Excruciating pain, locked in by my bodies memories, genetic puzzles that resolve as I love deeper and deeper into each one. Ultimately releasing each day until there is only one left and each one washed with waves of angel kisses within every aspect of my being. The light, simply pours in and I as a man of mankind am born new in each moment of now, the only thing limiting me are the old stories of a life now gone which I command to leave and they obey. Even as I share this light within my experience of existence, I know that you reading this were meant to read this as now you are as well. You can see these words in your soul and know that while you may transform them to your own, the light within them is the same within all of us. It is the cosmic embodiment of love

Closing meditation – Matra, “My Heart is Free and True” – repeat until complete

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