Speed Running Spirituality – Pt. 1

When we first start questioning how we can live better lives filled with the light of love a door opens for us. A huge gate we call the human experience of existence through time. It’s a gate we start teaching about from a young age but it is not until we reach the point where we are able to answer the questions for ourselves that we truly achieve opening it correctly. One can even say that this requires nothing but sitting and examining life from within until we figure it out. Thankfully though we now have access to all the worlds wisdom, knowledge and understanding to rapidly improve this process through the internet and the media made available to humanity through the internet. We also have the aggregation of all the worlds lineages of understand this experience, which we can draw from once we let go of our ego around what we already know. For those that are seeking how to find their own answers, as well as understand the answers others have previously found for themselves and shared, I am presenting this series – Speed Running Spirituality.

There are so many questions we start having once we start having good questions become the center of our lives. From how to make the best scrambled eggs to whats the healthiest way to handle loss within life. While some questions have simple answers, some require us to go within, practice living in different ways and drive ourselves to new places within our lives to discover the answers within us. Whats amazing is, that learning how to do the latter helps us do the former with ease. A place I pray for you to achieve within this lifetime as it is now more easier than ever.

To do this we are going to start by having a solid two part foundation – a practice of some kind and a reading of literature. For the first part, pick any spiritual practice that calls to you. If you haven’t connected with your intuition or guides, or are looking for inspiration, I would recommend Franz Bardon’s Inititation Into Hermetics, Kriya Secrets Revealed, Kabbalah Magic or to join a local meditation, Kundalini yoga or Tai Chi/Chi Gong class regularly. In a practice such as Bardon’s IIH where you are expected to do the exercises plus a physical activity I would add in the option of weight training as a spiritual practice. Doing this work regularly and with a community will rapidly develop you through the first stages of coming to know yourself.

The next part is reading the literature that will set the foundation for rapid development. These selected works, work in conjunction with every spiritual practice (including going to the services of different religions if you are able to hold a mind open enough to God), to rapidly develop your awareness, mindfulness and ability to interpret life as well as the written works you will come across later on in your journey.

Reading List (in Order)

The Tao Te Ching

The Dhammapada

The Bhagavad Gita

Sacred Sexual Healing (western) and/or Tantra Illuminated (eastern)

The Gospel of Thomas

The Sefer Yetzirah

The Star Borne

The Key to reading these is to go through them once and then through your daily practice see how you experience these things within your life. While the list seems long, these works are mostly free online and short reads. The longest being the explanation of the Sefer Yetzirah, which may take the most time as it is also an initiatory text to some meditational practices.

Reading these books, in this order, opens up your wisdom and understanding to a very deep level, swiftly and comfortably, beyond what any other book can do. The value cannot be overstated as these books open to help every aspect of your life. In addition to illuminating you, they help clear old wounds, fix misunderstandings, adds the light of new perspectives, creates balance, and is an all around panacea. That isn’t to say this list is the end all be all, but that by having these works read, you will catapult yourself to a much better place in life through having newer and deeper ways to relate to everything in the world. I would add to include a book like the universe in a nutshell to help develop a wider range to this approach.

Once these books are read, understanding the theory with Initiation Into Hermetics, as well as similar writings on Yoga, Kabblah, Christianity, science and so on, will become a piece of cake. This process of awakening will also become much smoother and refined as you will have a wide range of root references to refer to when karmic challenges come up.

These books collectively also answer the vast majority of early spiritual development questions and issues that come up in every individual. It also helps put much of the wisdom of every religion into a brighter light so it is easier to understand and digest, if you are called to religious practice. Beyond that, you will find that they all work together to weave a beautiful tapestry of humanities communication of union with The All and how, prior to humanity recognizing it’s compete interconnectedness and interdependence with existence, humans from different parts of the world experienced and communicated that experience to others. Something the internet has shown to us as being a limitation of mans ego, prior to the ability to share all experience instantaneously together as one. A limitation that dies out as we read more and hold onto less as humanity.

Additional Works to Consider – Not in any order

The Bahir

The Zohar

The Tanach

The New Testament Bible

Asa Di Var

Autobiography of a Yogi

The Kojiki

The Agamas

The Guru Granth Sahib

The Avesta

Anatomy of the Spirit

Inner Development – Valentin Tomberg

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