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Bio Bidet Discovery DLS - Top View

Bio Bidet

Bio Bidet Discovery DLS

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    The all new Discovery DLS is the culmination of Bio Bidet's advancements in bidet seat technology over the past 20 years. Aimed at higher-end consumers - the Discovery DLS checks a lot of boxes for those who want the absolute best bidet features available, combined with a trim and contemporary look.

    The Bio Bidet Discovery DLS comes with all the features you'd expect to find in a modern bidet seat. Equipped with both posterior and feminine wash features, you can adjust the position of the spray more forward or backward to best suit your body. Water pressure can also be customized to your liking. Use the oscillation mode while washing, which oscillates the nozzle back and forth providing a greater coverage area. Water temperature can be adjusted through the bidet's on-demand water heating system. The heating system's response time has been dramatically improved over previous models, where you can adjust the temperature from hot and cold water very quickly. This advancement has led to a new wash mode, "Dynamic Stream" - which quickly alternates the wash spray between hot and cold water, helping stimulate a bowel movement. The Discovery DLS is the only seat in Bio Bidet's lineup that offers this Dynamic Stream wash feature.

    The warmed toilet seat is wonderful during the colder months of the year and can be adjusted over different settings to find a comfortable temperature. The Discovery's enhanced multi-speed (three speeds) air dryer is the fastest, most efficient dryer Bio Bidet has produced and boasts increased drying times when compared to the previous generation Bio Bidet BB 2000.

    Measuring just 4.8 inches at it's tallest point in the rear, this is Bio Bidet's slimmest seat ever. This compares to the Bio Bidet BB 2000 at 5.6" tall, and the Bio Bidet BB 1000 at 7.3" tall - making the Discovery DLS 15% and 35% trimmer than these two seats, respectively.

    bio bidet discovery dls bidet side profile

    The Bio Bidet Discovery DLS is powered by a single (stainless steel) nozzle system with multiple spray ports. Another advanced feature you'll find with the Discovery DLS is a state-of-the-art UV sterilization feature which sterilizes the nozzle with UV light. This advanced UV technology is a first in the bidet industry and will help keep your nozzle cleaner and more hygienic.

    The in-bowl night light is a really handy feature to have, especially if you've never had one before. On the Bio Bidet BB 2000 - the night light was built on the side of the unit so while it illuminated the toilet area, it did not illuminate inside the bowl itself. Moving the night light was requested from many customers on future designs, and Bio Bidet made the change with this release.

    bio bidet discovery dls night light

    Another highly anticipated feature is the addition of an automatic opening seat and lid. Simply press a button on top of the remote and the bidet will open the lid for you. For men - if you want the lid and seat to lift together, there's a button for that too. This is Bio Bidet's first release with automatic lid and seat functionality, and when coupled with the enhanced air dryer - really helps drive a hands-free toileting experience.

    So what else would Bio Bidet include with their best-in-class bidet? How about their best warranty... EVER. Included with the DLS bidet seat is an unprecedented 5 year warranty to boot. That's right - your seat is fully covered for 5 years from your date of purchase so you'll have peace of mind that you'll be enjoying your bidet seat for many years to come. This is the best warranty package in the industry, included free without upcharge.

    Available in Elongated Size only.

    Bio Bidet Discovery DLS | 360 View:

    Bio Bidet Discovery DLS Features:

    • Ultra-slim design at just 4.8 inches tall - the thinnest electronic bidet in our store
    • Modern dual-sided wireless remote control (wall mountable)
    • Advanced on-demand heating system quickly changes water temperature
    • Dynamic (alternating hot/cold) wash feature
    • Gentle aerated water stream
    • Stainless steel wash nozzle
    • Advanced UV nozzle sterilization
    • Automatic open/close seat and lid
    • Adjustable nozzle position
    • Adjustable water temperature
    • Adjustable water pressure
    • Oscillating cleanse
    • Enhanced warm air dryer
    • Temperature controlled heated seat
    • Slow closing seat and lid
    • Occupied seat sensor
    • In-bowl night light
    • Built in water filter
    • Auto smart power saving
    • Self diagnose function
    • Quality approved by UL

    Five Years Manufacturer's Limited Warranty:

    • 100% Coverage of all parts and labor for the entire bidet for five years from original date of purchase

    Head-to-Head Comparisons:

    Here you can read our head-to-head comparison of the Bio Bidet Discovery DLS vs. Bio Bidet BB 2000

    And here's our head-to-head comparison of the Bio Bidet Discovery DLS vs. TOTO S550e

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    View: Owner's Manual: Bio Bidet Discovery DLS (.pdf)

    CA Residents: Click here for Proposition 65 warning

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      Bio Bidet Discovery DLS - Top View
      Bio Bidet Discovery DLS
      Bio Bidet Discovery DLS
      Bio Bidet Discovery DLS
      Bio Bidet Discovery DLS
      Bio Bidet Discovery DLS
      Bio Bidet Discovery DLS
      Bio Bidet Discovery DLS
      Bio Bidet Discovery DLS
      Bio Bidet Discovery DLS
      Bio Bidet Discovery DLS
      Bio Bidet Discovery DLS
      Bio Bidet Discovery DLS
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