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Bio Bidet Essential Bidet Attachment

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The Bio Bidet Essential is a non-electric bidet attachment that offers a quick and easy way to add bidet washing to your existing toilet.  The Essential is a cold water only attachment that connects to the existing water line supplying water to the toilet tank.  The water supply pressure powers the spray, so no electrical outlet or batteries are required.

The Bio Bidet Essential is equipped with two separate wash nozzles - a feminine spray and a posterior spray - which you can choose by turning the operating knob in the direction of the spay you wish to use.  The spray pressure can be increased or decreased based on how much you turn the knob, allowing users to manually adjust the pressure level while in use.  The control knob offers a choice of either a light wood or dark wood finish, adding a dash of style to the Essential bidet attachment. 

The Bio Bidet Essential non-electric bidet attachment comes with all installation hardware and fits both round and elongated size toilets.  A one-year manufacturer's warranty is also included.


Bio Bidet Essential Bidet Attachment Features:

  • Cold water only
  • No electricity or batteries needed
  • Do-It-Yourself easy installation
  • Retractable dual nozzles for posterior and feminine wash
  • Adjustable water pressure
  • Ergonomic control knob
  • Customizable knob finish (light wood or dark wood finish)


One Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty:

  • 100% Coverage of all parts and labor for the entire bidet for the first year from original date of purchase




Product Specifications:





Model Controls Key Feature Differences Accompanying Perks Just to Nitpick
Bio Bidet 2000 Remote Control Superior water volume.  Spray is set wider than previous models for better coverage.  On-demand tankless water heating The first Bio Bidet to come with a built-in night light.  Hydro-flush nozzle auto-cleans both outside AND inside the spray nozzle The lid is not designed to be weight-bearing so you can't sit on the lid
Bio Bidet 1700 Attached Panel Exactly the same as the Bio Bidet 2000, except no night light and controls are attached to the side of the seat Still comes with the superior washing performance of the Bio Bidet 2000 Remote controls are easier to use.  You don't have to twist around and look down at the controls
Bio Bidet 1000 Remote Control Uses older, reservoir tank-type water heating.  Reservoir tank holds 30 - 40 seconds of warm water and then starts to cool Prior to the Bio Bidet 2000, this was Bio Bidet's flagship model.  Long history has shown outstanding durability Plastic nozzles instead of stainless steel.  Water spray can feel a bit sharp at higher pressure settings
Bio Bidet 800 Attached Panel Exactly the same as the Bio Bidet 1000, except no air deodorizer and the controls are attached to the seat Same history and durability of the 1000 model.  One of the stronger air dryers too Noticeably bulkier than the newer generation 1700 and 2000 models
Bio Bidet Discovery DLS Remote Control Automatic open/close seat and lid, UV light nozzle sterilization, strongest air dryer in the Bio Bidet lineup Less than 5\" tall at the rear; the thinnest electronic bidet seat in our store Can't sit on the lid.
Bio Bidet DIB Special Edition Remote Control A lid you can sit on and its ergonomic design makes it very comfortable Two user presets Remote control is a touch-screen without raised buttons
Bio Bidet A8 Serenity Remote Control High degree of customization on this seat.  Even the night light and air dry fan can be adjusted Uni-body design blends in well with the rest of the toilet Not available in beige color
Bio Bidet 600 Attached Panel Reservoir tank-type heating, no air deodorizer.  Dual nozzle system uses dedicated nozzles for feminine and rear washes Still comes with warm toilet seat and warm air dry like the higher-end models Not as sturdy feeling as the Bio Bidet 1000 or 2000 when you take it out of the box and hold it in your hands
Bio Bidet Prodigy Remote Control A bidet seat + toilet all in one.  Since the bidet and toilet have been designed together, it provides a seamless look You can flush the toilet thru the remote control.  How awesome is that?! You have to replace your entire toilet to install.  But for some - that might be exactly what you're looking for
    Bio Bidet Essential Bidet Attachment
    Bio Bidet Essential Bidet Attachment
    Bio Bidet Essential Bidet Attachment
    Bio Bidet Essential Bidet Attachment
    Bio Bidet Essential Bidet Attachment
    Bio Bidet Essential Bidet Attachment
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