Brondell Swash DS725 Review

This bidetsPLUS bidet review looks at the Brondell Swash DS725.  Brondell has steadily grown over the last 15 years to be one of the premier manufacturers of electronic bidet toilet seats in the US with their popular Swash series.  The new Swash DS725 model offers a lower price option compared with higher end units but still has several features that tend to only be found on pricier bidets.  The Swash DS725 will likely appeal to those looking for a budget-friendly bidet seat that is operated by remote control rather than an attached control panel and also comes from a well-regarded, reliable brand like Brondell.




The look of the Swash DS725 is somewhat similar to the Brondell flagship bidet seat Swash 1400 but with some notable differences.  The Swash DS725 is more flat and straight across the back of the unit whereas the Swash models from Brondell have a slight curve in the back.  There are two black triangular remote receivers at the far rear corners of the seat as you are looking from above.  The Brondell logo is imprinted in the center on top of the main housing.

Looking from above you will see the auxiliary control panel on top of the rear housing on the right hand side.  This control panel has three indicator lights (power, night light and eco mode) as well as three operating buttons for the night light, eco mode and rear wash, respectively.  However - the unit comes with a remote control which is how you will primarily operate the wash functions.

The water supply inlet is on the rear left side as you face the toilet, as it is on virtually all bidet toilet seats.  The power cord is on the rear right side and is 44 inches in length by our measurement.   While not as slim as the flagship Swash 1400, the dimensions of the Swash DS725 are only slightly bigger.  The maximum height in the rear is 5.8 inches while the width is 14.8 inches.  Our measurement of the elongated model from front to rear is 20.2 inches, while the round seat model measured 19.0 inches.  The unit itself weighs in at 9.0 pounds.

Wireless Remote Control

The Swash DS725 is operated by a wireless remote control.  While some bidets utilize a two-sided remote design, the Swash DS725 uses a one-sided remote with all operation buttons on the front side of the remote.  The remote is white color with the operating buttons clearly marked.  There are two sets of indicator lights on the remote: a vertically-oriented column of five lights near the center and below this a horizontal row of three lights.  The five vertical lights indicate the level of water pressure during the wash cycle and the air dryer temperature while using the dryer.  The three horizontal lights indicate water temperature and seat temperature settings.  These lights are a simple and effective way to track the settings, especially in homes with multiple users who may have different preferences.

The top portion of the remote has the four most commonly used operation buttons: Rear wash, Front wash, Dry and Stop.  Below this area in the middle of the remote are the buttons for making certain adjustments. To the left of the indicator lights are an up and down arrow that are used to adjust the nozzle position, the up button to move the nozzle forward and down to move it back.  There are five positions you can move between.  To the right of the indicator lights is a plus and minus button.  The plus button will increase water pressure during washing and the air temperature during drying.  The minus button will decrease these settings. The bottom of the remote has four buttons for additional functions: massage wash, oscillating wash (button marked Move), Auto mode for wash followed immediately by drying cycle and deodorizer.  Again, the Swash DS725 has a pretty straightforward and clear remote layout that users should find easy to operate.

The remote control is rectangular and is 5.5 inches tall and 2 inches wide with a thickness of approximately an inch.  It uses two AAA batteries which are included, and there is a battery indicator light at the bottom of the remote noting when the batteries are low.  Included with the remote is a wall mounting kit which the remote slides into so you can operate from the wall mount or slide it out to hold in your hand.

Bidet Functions

The Brondell Swash DS725 has a single stainless steel spray nozzle with two separate spray nozzles, one for the feminine wash and the other for the posterior wash.  The nozzle can be adjusted forward or back across five positions.  The water pressure is also adjustable across five different pressure settings.  The adjustable water temperature has four settings including off so the temperature will be that of the standard water supply.  The Low temperature setting is 93.2 degrees Fahrenheit, Medium temperature at 98.6 degrees and High at 104 degrees.

There are a couple of other washing features included with the Swash DS725 you don’t always find in bidet seats in this price range.  First is the oscillating wash feature.  This is activating by pushing the button marked “Move” on the remote and will move the nozzle back and forth while either wash function is in operation.  This allows the spray to clean a larger area during the wash cycle for a more efficient cleaning.  The other additional wash feature Brondell included on the Swash DS725 is the massage wash.  Pressing the Massage button will fluctuate the spray between high and low pressure for a pulsating effect.  This is designed to create a soothing “massage-like” spray pattern.  Adding these extra wash functions give the Swash DS725 a bit more versatility over more basic models in its price range.

Additional Features

There are several other features included on the Brondell Swash DS725 beyond its wash features.  A warm air dryer with five temperature settings helps dry off after washing.  There is a built in air deodorizer to help remove unpleasant odor from the bowl area.  The seat and lid are slow closing and the lid is weight bearing up to 178 pounds.  A soft blue LED night light can be turned on to illuminate inside the bowl for use at night.  An adjustable temperature heated seat has three temperature settings or can be turned off.  The Eco Mode function conserves energy consumption by lowering the water temperature and seat temperature when not in use and will then resume the most recent temperature settings when the seat sensor is activating by a user occupying the seat.  The manufacturer’s warranty included with the Swash DS725 is only one year, however Brondell does offer a three year unlimited warranty for an additional $99.

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