TOTO S550e, S500e Review

The TOTO S550e and TOTO S500e come from one of the best known bidet toilet seat manufacturers in the world.  As TOTO’s flagship washlets, these two models represent the culmination of nearly 40 years of manufacturing experience.  Equipped with some of the most advanced bidet seat features available, the TOTO S550e and S500e will add modern looks and functionality to your bathroom.

Note:  The only difference between the S550e and S500e models - is that the S550e has a night light, and automatic open/close seat and lid.  Other than these two differences, the washlets are exactly the same.




The first thing you’ll notice when looking at the TOTO S550e, is how darn good it looks.  In past generation models (e.g., the S350e and S300e), the lid was cut-out towards the rear which left the indicator lights and sensors on the seat exposed, even when the lid was closed.  TOTO has gone with a different approach with the S550e and S500e – creating a lid which covers the entire seat from back-to-front.  The contours of the lid and how it rolls gently from back-to-front are really pleasant to look at.

Another new design element of the TOTO S550e and S500e models, is the lid which is now available in your choice of two lid styles – contemporary and classic.  The contemporary lid design is a more modern, minimalistic design that looks very clean in its appearance.  As the saying goes – sometimes less is more, which is the case here.  The classic lid design features beveled contours around the corners of the lid, where the lid tapers off as you move closer to the edges.  The contemporary design provides a more modern/contemporary look with its clean lines.  The classic design provides a classier/fancier look with its contoured lid.

We note in this TOTO S550e review, that the ONLY difference between the contemporary and classic versions, is the lid.  It is the same exact washlet underneath the lid, regardless of which version you choose – so it is purely an aesthetic choice to suit your tastes, preferences and the décor of your bathroom.  Feature sets between the contemporary and classic designs are identical.

At just 5” tall at its tallest point in the rear, the TOTO S550e features an ultra-thin design.  The rear of a bidet seat will always be the tallest point, because all of the components (e.g., water pump, water heater, spray nozzle, drying fan) are housed at the back of the unit.  The ultra-thin design certainly adds to the high-end appearance of this seat.

Once the lid is raised, you’ll see some indicator lights towards the back of the seat.  There are four lights there which serve as status indicators for the seat’s power, heated seat, eco-mode, and eWater cleaning feature.

When facing the washlet head-on as if it was mounted on the toilet, BOTH the electric cord and water supply hose extend from the left side of the unit.  Also on this side is an LED night light which illuminates the side of your toilet.  On the opposite side of the seat, you’ll find a quick release button which unlatches the bidet from the mounting bracket.  Also on this side, you’ll see vents for the bidet’s air deodorizer system as well as the black remote control sensor receiver.

The TOTO S550e and S500e have identical bodies which are both 14.5 inches wide.  Both seats are available in elongated size only, which measures 20.7 inches long from back-to-front.  As mentioned above, the washlet is 5” tall at its tallest point in the rear and weighs 9.8 pounds.

Wireless Remote Control

This TOTO S550e review features a double-sided wireless remote control.  Like most remotes, it is constructed with a high quality plastic, although it does give a brushed stainless steel appearance in photos in videos.  TOTO is unique in the sense that they utilize both sides (and even the top) of the remote control to place the controls.

Picture icons for seven of the most commonly used features are found on the front of the remote.  The icons are touch sensitive, similar to a touch-screen on a phone, so they are not technically buttons.  Touch any icon and it flashes three times, providing you with feedback that the corresponding feature has been activated.  The icons are listed in a singular column which goes down the middle of the face.  These icons, listed in order from top to bottom are:  stop, rear wash, feminine wash, air dry, oscillating wash, pulsating water wash, and nozzle cleaning.

Next to the rear wash and feminine wash icons, you’ll find additional icons which light up if the wide/soft spray mode is activated for those respective features.  Pressing rear wash once activates the standard wash, pressing rear wash a second time activates the wide/soft spray.  Pressing it again takes it back to standard wash mode, etc… so essentially it acts like a “toggle” which alternates between the standard spray and wide/soft spray as you keep touching it.  Spray-width for the feminine wash is adjusted in this same way.

Towards the bottom of the remote, you’ll find adjustment controls for water pressure and nozzle position.  These adjustments work with a “swipe,” so swiping left decreases water pressure and swiping right increases pressure.  Swiping left on the nozzle position adjustment moves the nozzle back and swiping right moves the nozzle more forward.  At the very bottom of the remote, you’ll find icons for the two user presets.

Turning the remote over reveals the LCD display on the back.  Below the LCD display there are a few buttons (actual buttons which depress when you push them).  You’ll see the familiar up, down, left and right buttons as well as an “Enter” button in the middle so you can navigate thru the menu.  All temperature controls, such as water temperature, seat temperature, and air dry temperature are adjusted on the back of the remote.  This is also where you activate/de-activate automatic functions (e.g., auto open seat/lid, auto night light, auto eWater modes), and adjust settings for the eco-mode and program the user presets.

And finally - on the top side of the remote, there is a button you can press which raises the toilet seat (TOTO S550e model only).  The TOTO S550e features a lid which automatically opens as you approach the toilet.  Men can use this button on top of the remote to raise the seat too.

The wireless remote control is shaped like a TV remote so it’s easy to hold in one hand.  It measures 6.8 inches tall by 1.9 inches wide, and weighs 6 ounces (with 2 AA batteries installed).

Bidet Functions

This TOTO S550e review features a washlet that is powered by a single telescoping nozzle, with three spray ports at the tip of the nozzle.  The first spray port at the top is used for the standard rear wash.  The middle spray port is used for the wide/soft rear wash.  The last spray port closest to the tip of the nozzle is used for both standard and wide/soft feminine washes.

Water pressure and nozzle position can be adjusted over five different settings.  Water temperature can also be adjusted over five settings – ranging from 86 degrees to 104 degrees Fahrenheit.  You can also choose room temperature water (water heating off) if you prefer.  The TOTO S550e and S500e models are both equipped an on-demand, tankless water heating system.

The oscillating wash mode automatically moves the nozzle back and forth, extending the cleaning area.  You can also activate the pulsating water wash mode, which pulsates the water stream providing a massaging effect.  You can use both the oscillating and pulsating water modes individually, or simultaneously if you prefer.

As mentioned in the Wireless Remote Control section above, the TOTO S550e comes equipped with an automatic opening and closing seat and lid.  The washlet’s body sensor can detect when you’re approaching the toilet and will automatically raise the lid for you.  Men who want to raise the seat too, can do so by tapping a button on the top side of the remote control.  Both the seat and lid will automatically close 90 seconds after walking away.  We note that this auto open/close feature can be disabled thru the remote control if you wish.

About eWater.  eWater, or electrolyzed water, became popular years ago in the restaurant industry and was used to disinfect utensils, knives, and cutting boards.  Both the TOTO S550e and TOTO S500e are equipped with electrolyzed water technology.  At a technical level – this technology introduces a very low voltage to normal tap water which electrolyzes the ions in the water, resulting in a solution that cleans very much like a detergent.   But at the same time - eWater is 100% safe, all natural, and non-toxic with zero added chemicals.  The TOTO S550e and TOTO S500e use eWater three ways (1) to pre-mist the sides of your toilet bowl before use, (2) to post-mist the sides of your toilet bowl after use and, (3) to sanitize the wash nozzle.

Additional Features

Additional features to note in this TOTO S550e review, include a self-rinsing feature which rinses the spray nozzle with water before and after each use.  A built-in warm air dryer helps with residual moisture after washing.  The heated toilet seat’s temperature can be adjusted over five different settings, ranging from 82 degrees to 97 degrees Fahrenheit.  There is also an “OFF” setting, so you can disable the heated seat feature during the summer months.  The washlet has an energy saving eco-mode which powers down your washlet, and the eco-mode can be programmed so it’s activated only during certain hours of the day.  The automatic air deodorizer helps filter bathroom odor.  And the built-in night light comes in handy during your late-night trips to the bathroom.

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