How to Install the Bio Bidet BB 2000

So, you got a Bio Bidet BB 2000. When it comes to bidets, the Bio Bidet BB 2000 is one of the most advanced and useful models you can get.  Not only will it help take your personal hygiene to a whole new level, it will also impress any guests you have over!

However, before you experience first-hand the wonders of this bidet, you need to learn how to install it - which is exactly why we created this quick and easy guide.

Step 1: Turn off the water supply
Start by shutting off the water supply valve to your toilet and draining the toilet tank.  Then unscrew the water supply hose from underneath your toilet tank.

Step 2: Connect the T-Connection
Shaped like the letter "T" - the T-Connection acts as a "splitter" and will split your water two ways.  One way will continue to your toilet's water tank, and the other way will be to the bidet.  Install the T-Connection directly to the bottom of your toilet tank, and re-attach the supply hose to the bottom of the T-Connection.  This will leave one opening remaining on the side of the T-Connection, which supplies the water to your bidet seat.

Step 3: Remove the existing seat and lid
Behind your existing toilet seat, you'll see two caps which cover the bolts securing the seat to the bowl.  Pop these caps open with a flat-head screwdriver, and remove the mounting bolts in order to release your current seat and lid.

Step 4: Install the mounting bracket and guide rails
Place the mounting bracket which came with your BB 2000 over the mounting holes of your toilet.  Then place the rectangular guide rails on each side of the bracket, over each mounting hole.  Insert the mounting bolts through guide rails, and through the mounting holes.  Fasten the nuts to the mounting bolts, but not overly tight.  You want to keep the nuts a little loose, which gives you a little "play" so you can adjust/align the unit before tightening the bracket.

Step 5: Mount the bidet onto the mounting bracket
Slide the body of the unit onto the mounting bracket, centering it according to the guiding arrows on the base. You’ll hear a click once the unit is securely mounted to the bracket. The Bio Bidet BB 2000 will feel a little loose on the toilet bowl - don’t worry, it’s normal. All you need to do now is align the seat from front to back, until it is properly aligned on your toilet.  Finally, tighten the nuts on both the mounting bolts.

Step 6: Connect the bidet seat hose
Attach the bidet seat hose which came with your BB 2000, to side opening of the T-Connection.  Connect the other side of this hose to the water inlet on your bidet seat.

Step 7: Turn the water supply back on
Once you've tightened all connections, turn the water supply back on and check for leaks.

Three important warnings to keep in mind:
⚠️  Don’t plug the device in before you install it.
⚠️  After the installation process, check for any water leaks.
⚠️ If you need an electric power system or extension, please consult a qualified electrician.

Seven simple steps and that’s it, your Bio Bidet BB 2000 is ready for you to enjoy!