Blooming NB-R1570 Review

The Blooming NB R1570 is an upgraded bidet seat from the Blooming Bidet Company, which is one of the most popular imported bidet brands in Japan.  With this model, Blooming has added features typically found on more high-end models – particularly the automatic opening and closing lid – while keeping this bidet seat at a mid-range price level.



This Blooming NB R1570 review features a seat with a simple and clean appearance, with its lid covering all but three inches of the rear housing.  The lid is a touch wider than the seat and rear housing and it sits slightly higher than the rear housing across the top.  The Blooming logo appears centered on the top of the rear housing and on the right is a black rectangular LED light panel which is also where the sensor for the automatic lid is located.  The back of the unit is fairly straight across the back which differs from the Blooming NB R1063 which is more curved at the back.  

When you raise the lid, a unique design feature is the curved design of the bidet’s rear housing.  The front part of the rear housing – the section behind the seat that contains the electrical and mechanical components – is usually straight across behind the seat, but the curvature of the NB R1570 gives it a bit more of an ergonomic design.  We also note the NB R1570 is an elongated size seat only, so there is no round version of this particular model.

If you look at the left side of the bidet as you are facing the toilet, you will find the water inlet.  The water inlet angles down 90 degrees for a more tidy water connection, rather than sticking out from side.  In front of the water inlet are operating buttons for the power saving mode, the night light as well as a button for starting and stopping the posterior wash.

On the right side of the Blooming NB R1570 you will find the electric cord which is approximately 42 inches in length.  Directly behind the power cord is a small off-white plastic button which is the bidet release button.  Press this button and pull the entire unit straight toward the front of the toilet to remove it from the mounting plate if you need to move the bidet.  Also on this side is the grille for the air deodorizer which pulls air out from the bowl area and through the deodorizer filter like a miniature exhaust fan system.  

The Blooming NB R1570 is 5.9” tall at its highest point in the rear.  he lid measures 15.5” wide with the seat itself 15” at the widest point.  As noted, this is an elongated size seat and it is 21” in total length from front to back.  It weighs 11.4 pounds.

Wireless Remote Control

The Blooming NB R1570 is operated by a wireless remote control that can be mounted to the wall.  It is a white plastic remote with black trim across the top.  All of the buttons are on the front side of the remote.  It is horizontally-oriented and larger than most remotes measuring 6.75” wide and 4 inches tall.  It is just under an inch thick and is powered by two AA batteries.

The buttons are noted with both text and icons making it fairly easy to navigate what each one does.  Across the top of the remote you will find buttons for the massage wash feature as well as buttons for raising or lowering the seat and lid of the bidet.  Next is a row of four buttons that are the most commonly used features.  These buttons are larger than the others making them very easy to see.  From the left, these four buttons include the stop button to stop any operation at any time, followed by the posterior wash, the feminine wash and the air dryer buttons.  For the posterior and feminine wash buttons, it also says “move” next to each.  This is to indicate you can activate the oscillating function to move the nozzle back and forth during the wash cycle by pressing the activated wash button a second time.

The next set of buttons are for making adjustments to different settings.  The arrow buttons that say “nozzle” between them are used to adjust the position of the wash nozzle forward or backward during either wash cycle.  To the right are a minus (-) and plus (+) button with five indicator lights between them.  The minus button lowers the water pressure and air dryer temperature while the plus button increases these settings.

There are three additional buttons at the bottom of the remote.  The first is the auto clean feature.  Pressing this will activate a one-minute oscillating wash followed immediately by a one-minute air dryer cycle.  The next button, noted seat temp, will adjust the temperature of the heated seat, while the last button, noted water temp, is used to adjust the temperature of the water used for the wash cycles.  Overall, the larger size of the remote and buttons may be easier for some users to see and use the Blooming NB R1570.

Bidet Functions

The Blooming NB R1570 uses a single stainless-steel nozzle for its wash functions.  The nozzle is self-rinsing and has a manual cleaning option as well.  There are two separate spray ports on the nozzle for the separate feminine wash and posterior wash functions.  This model uses a tankless water heating system for continuous warm water use.

The nozzle position is adjustable forward or back to better personalize the spray position.  The water temperature is adjustable with three temperature levels or you can turn off the warm water for ambient cold water.  As mentioned above, the NB R1570 has a tankless water heating system, so the water stays warm for however long you use the wash function and will not run out as it does with bidets that use a reservoir tank heating system.  The spray pressure can also be adjusted across five pressure settings.

There are a few additional wash features included on the NB R1570, starting with the oscillating wash feature.  This is a popular feature that moves the nozzle back and forth while the wash stream is spraying, thus covering more area and providing better cleaning.  There is also a massage wash function which alternates the wash stream from strong to weak pressure for a pulsating, massage-like spray pattern.  Lastly, this model is also equipped with an Auto function.  This feature lets you initiate a one-minute wash cycle followed immediately by a one-minute air dry with just one button.  This is designed to make the bidet easier to use for those who may otherwise have difficulty operating the bidet or navigating a remote control.

Additional Features

One of the most notable non-wash features of the Blooming NB R1570 is the automatic opening and closing lid feature. This is typically only found on more expensive high-end models, so it is a nice addition for this unit.  You can also raise and lower the seat as well using a button on the remote control.  In addition to the auto opening and closing function, the lid is also designed to be weight bearing so you can seat on the lid when closed.  This is a unique combination and gives the NB R1570 more versatility for users.  

As you would expect, the Blooming NB R1570 has a heated seat with adjustable temperature settings which is hugely popular, especially during the winter.  The warm air dryer helps dry users after washing, and you can adjust the air temperature through the remote.  There is also the built-in air deodorizer which works like a small exhaust fan pulling air from the bowl area to help eliminate unpleasant odors. There is also a night light that illuminates a blue light in the bowl making it easy to find the toilet for use at night without turning on overhead lighting.

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